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The scope you purchased has 10 & 25mm eyepieces included.

The 25 will magnify an object 48x
The 10 will magnify an object 120x

The eyepieces you have should be fine for the moment. You might want to think about picking up a 2x Barlow. This will allow you to double the magnification of each eyepiece.

Now that you have the finder scope aligned with the 6" reflector you will be able to use it to hunt down targets in the night sky. The stars should be focused pinpoints of light in you finder scope.

As Forgey has mentioned, fix the 1.25" adaptor to the focuser and then position one of your 1.25" eyepieces into the adaptor. When the stars are brought into focus, they should be pinpoints of light. I'd jump at the chance to have Paula drop by and assist. This would have you sorted within an hour.

Stellarium is a free software package that can be downloaded. It will help you to find objects in the night sky.
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