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Originally Posted by marki View Post
Both those shots are very good indeed. Like TrevorW I think the 9 shot is smoother but the canon does offer a larger FOV. To throw the cats amongst the pigeons even more so to speak I have it on good authority that the QHY9 OSC camera will cost about $2000 Au with all the usual goodies (Al case etc etc). All the cooling capacity of the 9 mono without the filter hassles. The QHY10 is also being tested and that has a sony chip which will make it even more interesting but I imagine that will carry a cost similar to the QHY8 pro. Good times ahead for all aspiring imagers me thinks.

Very interesting news there Mark.
But, I think as Phil's comparisons and images have shown - specific tools produce great results when doing their specific jobs.
The cooled DSLR works well on widefield imaging due to the beautiful, no-hassle marriage between lens, sensor and camera.
The QHY9 +/- filter wheel mates nicely with a 1.25" or 2" focuser to produce those high res results in scopes without the hassles of trying to adapt lens to CCD and mesh focal distances etc - with a scope a CCD works! With lenses it's harder work!

Each has it's place and its strengths.
Still not too sure which way to proceed - but having fun learning.
Cheers for all the information given in these threads - Cheers all.
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