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Hi Fellas, I have been watching this thread with interest. I don't use a newtonian so really have not been able to add anything to the discussion about the MPCC spacing and configuration but I maybe can add a few things now that narrow band imaging has come into the arena....
The QHY8 is very capable in recording NB images. Two methods I have used which seem to be quite reasonable are:
1. Capture using 2x2 binning as the images captured don't make use of the bayer matrix and images captured are mono only and can be stacked and compiled as if it was a truely mono camera.

2. Capture the images as if normal RGB with the NB filter fitted. Depending on the software you use and how narrow the filters band is you will in most cases be able to reduce your image to a luminance only image which contains almost all light which passes the filter again as a mono image. In the case of my capture software (Nebulosity2) it has a menu item under the image menu Keep Lum and discard colour. Again the images can be stacked,colourised and combined to produce very acceptable NB images.

Although the OSC camera is not as sensitive as a mono camera good results can be achieved with NB images without talking very extended image capture sessions compared to the mono camera.
I have tried a lot of capture software and still maintain that nebulosity is one of the best and easiest capture programs available at a reasonable price. It also has a lot of neat little features built in to the processing routines. Well worth having a look at it.

Good luck Fellas. Look forward to seeing some great images.
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