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Question Pentax DSLRs - Advice please

Hey all you very clever people!!

I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge with Pentax DSLRs. My husband (Frank) would like one for his 40th birthday (for non-astronomy purposes) and is a Pentax man...cannot be swayed. He is looking at either


As I dont really know all that much about DSLRs I was hoping for some opinions / thoughts / advice from you guys. He's not a photography newby but has not had a DSLR before. I have suggested to him he might look at HDR capabilities. I favour the K20D model, partly due to the larger size sensor and 8bit Jpegs, but looking at all the scecs (which overwhelm me somewhat) am a little concerned that it is more than he will need. But then again technology and features are superceded so quickly 'these days'.

Thanks in advance


edit: he has a Tamron 28-200 lens that I bought hima few years ago that he thinks will interface with the pentax ok

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