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Originally Posted by bojan View Post
Hi Trev,
On Sunday night I went for Which Head (from Daylesford, pretty dark site).. just to see what that strange object on your photo is.. here it is, 10x stack (DSS) of 150 sec exposures with unmodified 400d, 50mm Canon f1.4 FD SSC, @f3.5, ISO1600, no darks or flats (camera long exposure compensation was ON), cropped and contrast enhanced (that is why it is so grainy, I did not bother to take perfect picture, I just wanted to try to get it.).

I too believe this strange thing on your image is internal reflection from Rigel, there is no trace of anything like that on my photo.

BTW, on the same image in the corner I found Horsehead too.. see attached :-)
Thanks Bojan,

Spot on regarding the internal reflection.
Last night I had another attempt, removed the polarizing filter beforehand.

Took 11 x 7 min subs with 6 darks 16 flats and 16 bias frames at ISO 800
That blue feature is gone and IC 2118 appears very faintly on each of the Raw frames.

I will post the result on the Deep Sky forum.
Thanks for the reply.
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