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Where did you read about field curvature with these, in particular the 14mm?

In the review provided by Andy, Bill sees no field curvature with any of the scopes he tested these EPs in, which include an f/4.7 Newt, a few f/7-ish apo refractors and an SCT (very comprehensive as all these scope designs have different demands on EPs). And he paid particular attention to the 14mm exactly because of its "apparent reputation", and found no such issue.

Bill is one of the very few people who actually tests EPs in different types of scope for reviewing precisely because of the different scope designs having different demands on EPs.

The one scope type he didn't try was a fast frac. Maybe this is where some field curvature, but unreasonable to damn an EP if it may fall short in one scope type but fine in others. Very, very few EPs perform well in all scope types.

Steve, great that you mentioned the scopes you will be using the EPs in! In the scopes you list, Bill's review is positive about these. And in your f/6 Newt, coma will not be an issue that needs a coma corrector either.


PS, great use of your signature, Morton!
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