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Hi Josh,

I've used the SX-AO for a while but never the SBIG solutions. The SX does give a lot of flexibility in camera choices but you need to think carefully about software as TSX does not (yet, in spite of years of promises) support the SX-AO. As far as automation software goes it is possible to use the SX-AO with CCDAP5 and a separate Broker package that syncs CCDAP5 to PHD2 for guiding. PHD2 does a fine job with the SX-AO. I think SGP can also work together with PHD2 but I have no experience with it.

Now unattended remote imaging has many challenges including internet speed, screen resolutions, etc that can impact on trying to run multiple programs at the same time. The CCDAP5/Broker/PHD2 combination worked fine at home but is rather cumbersome to run remotely. So, perhaps if you are sure you want to use AO the SBIG is more integrated. Anyway, my point is don't neglect software while making a decision!

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