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Leon I don,t have this lense but have a few sigmas and they are all of excellent quality.I have the canon 100-400mk 2 and it is very similar in sharpness To the 400f5.6.I also have the older Tamron 150-600 which I now use exclusively for Sunrise and Set close ups .In all cases the primes are going to be superior but the versatility of this lens (the Sigma you are looking at)is what it's about.And from all reports its very good.With the 100-400 I find Iam wanting for more hence I now have the 500.As for the weight you may need a good tripod head and be careful with any ball head arrangement .
I think that for value for money range and portability you are on a winner with the Sigma..Good luck and definitely get a hands on feel for it .As for sharpness I have found that all my zoom lenses have optimal performance ranges and even the primes seem to have an optimal distance where the image has the most detail.I also think aperture plays a crucial role in camera lenses and the Sigma is 95mm if I remember so all that will help.
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