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Originally Posted by niharika View Post
Good to see you are getting comfortable with the mount Greg
Originally Posted by peter_4059 View Post

Thin clouds will trigger the star mass tolerance error and can cause phd to stop guiding. If you want it to try to keep guiding increase the tolerance to 100.

The other thing to check is the reported guide star S/N. I think you are looking for a number greater than 6 ideally.
I will try that. Thanks. A smallish thick cloud that totally blocks the stars is the scenario we need to overcome. I'll set that to 100 but I suspect it will still fail in that situation but hopefully it works. Its a superb program and if its just a setting to handle that then that's even better. But if you commit to a several hour imaging run and you sleep and find out the next day a small cloud stopped the session 30 minutes after you walked away its not a good feeling! (actually happened). SkyX is more reliable that way.

Thanks Peter. I think 6 is the SNR target for calibration but yes it needs to be as high as possible. The reducer and long exposures are giving much higher SNR, more like 40-50.

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