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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear about your issues with flex. I think everyone in this hobby at some point has to struggle with this adversary. The good news are that there are myriads of possible reasons why you have flex, so your persistence will be tested and you may learn quite a lot about your equipment.

You may have just noticed flex because you might be imaging a different part of the sky so the telescope's orientation is different.

Flex is usually caused by a number of factors, so the trick is to address potential sources and see if adjustements make any difference.

I guess that the focuser could be the main suspect, as well as mounting of the guider scope. The tube possibly flexes a bit as well, possibly mostly near where the focuser is mounted due to its pull under gravity. I think you will always have some residual flex if using a guidescope...

Have you thought of using a thin OAG instead of a guide-scope? I will dare to say that getting an OAG is the quickest, most effective and sometimes also the cheapest way of getting rid of flex...

Yes - an OAG is King when guiding.
I used to have flex problems before I installed an OAG.

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