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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
Based on my long experience with various Meade SCT I have to say their optics and performance were as good as any other SCT.
However, the mirror shift focus system is better on the Celestron.
My C925 and C11 has better focus mechanisms.
Just my 2c
QFT! Optics between the two are similar/superior/inferior depending on the mood in the factory at the time... (i.e. SCT optics form both Celestron and Meade have variations that are dependent on factory runs).

Originally Posted by Borneogoat View Post
1. C8 with CGEM = $2499
2. C8 with AVX = $2499
3. C8 with HEQ5 Pro = $2699
4. LX80 with EQ5 Pro = $2099
5. LX80 with HEQ5 Pro = $2299
6. LX80 with AVX = $2299

Any advice here?
FWIW: If you go with Celestron, get an OTA that is Fastar compatible. These OTA's tend to preserve more value over time and the extra flexibility of having an OTA that can image at ~f/1.95 is "priceless"...


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