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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
Certainly looks like something is moving!!
Can you confirm the direction of the movement relative to the scopes and the SBS....
There's usually not a lot of movement in the saddle clamps...could it be some movement in the R200? Mirror movement?
What about a couple of photos of the setup -may give some clues....
It can't be a movement issue - simply because the movement is progressive, frame by frame, in the one doirection and by more or less equal increments. If it were some loose clamp or whaver, the movement would more likely be a one-off or in any case the pattern of movements would not be linear but random. My guess is that it is a rotation of the Vixen around an axis set by the BabyQ - the BabyQ fixes on the guide star and the other scope pivots around that. My gut feeling anyway.
I will grab some shots of the setup in the morning.
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