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Originally Posted by colinmlegg View Post
I'm using an earlier beta version 3.3 Beta 4, and those fields are left blank on export as well. You can edit them in later (edit file), then reload the script and all appears to work.

I used the emergency mode for testing, and in my beta version the first script entry is ignored, so I duplicated it. Some quirks you have to workaround

SETEXP,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:03.0,5D2,1/2,8.0,100,1.000,RAW,,Y,Prominences Q=10
SETEXP,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:06.0,5D2,1/2,8.0,100,1.000,RAW,,Y,Prominences Q=10
RELEASE,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:09.0,5D2, 1/4,,,1.00,,,,
RELEASE,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:11.5,5D2, 1/4,,,1.00,,,,
RELEASE,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:14.0,5D2, 1/4,,,1.00,,,,

You say you only have 0.3 - 0.5 s MLU delay. Is that a settable option for 5D2?

Do you reckon MLU is needed for 100mm FL?
thanks.. i'll have to play some more with reloading the script and see if i get the mirror lockup time to be recognised.

because i'm using the Shoestring DSUSB, the mirror lock up time is controlled by the gap between the two activations of the shutter. the only automatic way to do it on camera is with 2 second timer delay, where the mirror lifts up on shutter press and then the shutter activates at the end of the 2 seconds. too slow for an eclipse though!

100mm focal length on a solid tripod probably doesn't need MUL and the blurring effect if you can see it at all would be the order of a pixel. but at >500mm the blurring effect is quite significant.

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