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Originally Posted by pmrid View Post
Just looking at the specs, I see that the pixels are pretty small - something like 4.3 microns. That will suit some scopes of course but with others it will be a limitation.

I cancelled my order for one - for now - my recent experience with the 1000D was pretty negative so I figured it might be better to wait and see.
How so? The 1000D is an entry level camera, the 60D is mid. Canon EOS's are No.1 when it comes to software and astrophotography. The 1000D is a bit on the noisy side without being cooled but i would still go one over a nikon 3100 for ap work for the software support alone.

Heres something real fun just select raws and see how things turn out lol, you can even scroll down to raw section and play.

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