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You would think these camera makers must be close to hitting a wall. But they do seem to improve with each model mostly.
Mirrorless models seem to be taking a chunk out of DSLR sales so I hope this style of camera has a long term future.
Perhaps we are seeing the golden years of the DSLR with the 5D mark iii and the Nikon D800, both seem to be superlative cameras.
There may not be a lot of room left in developing the same approach without going larger and larger and take over the medium format market and make it mainstream. It happened in astrophotography with the 16803 chip its almost medium format size. Chip prices will no doubt become lower and what is a huge expensive chip today may end up the focuser sensor in 15 years time!

Either way it seems to be an exciting time for regular photography with these 2 awesome cameras.

The other easy improvement would be to do what Kodak did with creating their own matrix based on LRGB rather than Bayer RGGB.
Those Kodak CCDs using that matrix seem to have almost double the QE of Bayer matrix type one shot colour sensors.

But I suppose Kodak owns that patent. Its pretty likely though that they would sell it!

Another point with these high ISO sample images, not that I doubt the cameras are good, but I wonder how many are taken on a cold winters day?

As many here would know DSLRs are much cleaner in winter than in summer as typically in CCDs dark current doubles with every 6C increase in temp and vice versa. Its northern hemisphere winter at the moment. They don't list the ambient air temp at the time of the shot.


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