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Originally Posted by philiphart View Post

for anybody interested in low light performance above all else.. look up 'shot noise' and buy your camera based on pixel size not ISO ratings..

Oh dear.... now you've awakened the nerd in me.

Shot noise is but one of many noise sources

Janesick (2001) lists many sources of on chip noise, and in rough order of importance they are:

Dark Current
  • Electon and hole combinations
  • Generation/recombination
  • Depletion dark current
  • Diffusion dark current
  • Substrate dark current
  • Surface dark current
  • Backside dark current

Dark Shot noise

Spurious charge


Transfer noise

Residual image etc. etc.

Shot noise is important, but dark current mitigation is paramount. Who knows? One day we may see cooled DSLR's ! (but I think we'll see a second Sydney airport first)

Will this inhibit me from getting a MKIII ? Hahhh! Picking one up at the end of the month
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