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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
No problem Phil....I gave a presentation on CMOS vs CCD at CWAS
(now there's a few acronyms ) a few years ago.

There are a few other hallmarks of CMOS design...their complex architecture often shows us as weird off-axis diffraction spikes with point sources (i.e. stars)...& I see back illuminated CMOS are now coming on line to mittigate this as well as improve QE

However, pixel to pixel read-up variation has always been the bane of CMOS design.

Canon may now have tackled this at a wafer fabrication level, rather than calibration look-up tables, as well as using a full field micro-lens to achieve a few Db gain with similar noise reduction.

In short, I don't think it's all smoke and mirrors.
I remember the presentation.. I was there . Really appreciate the insights though.. it's exactly the kind of information/discussion i was looking for. it's more than smoke and mirrors, but my bet is still on though.. it's not two stops of improved sensor performance either!

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