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I have tried a WO flat III with the ED127 - it is not recommended - it over corrects, remember the 127 field is reasonably flat to start with (or should be!).

I have a WO II as well (for my 66ED) but I tried it with the 127 for fun - that is also a no-go.

The Flat IV I have not tried - I think there were issues with the early models hence the non-reducing feedback - I am not sure but I suspect current models would be ok.

The Astro-Tech seems to be well regarded by 127 owners with DSLRs but I think is a pure flattener (James is that right?) and not an FR, the latter was more important for me (I have a small ccd) so I have gone for an Optec model....

Remember spacing is critical so your results will be different than mine depending on your imaging train. If you have an OAG and FW in line (as I do) the ideal additional spacing may be -ve with some units which rules them out...
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