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Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
There are a lot of people with great captures. The scope and camera make the difference. Lol I mismatched mine completely. Getting a framerate with a nice proportion would have taken planning. Not setup something the afternoon of the event. Your camera looks to be the goods for this. Seeing the other shots on facebook and this site shows some great shots which still begs the question as to what is the best way to grab that scenic view
Hi Dave

As astronomy is for me at least, a hobby and a (mostly) pleasurable pursuit, in my opinion there is no “perfect” ‘scope/camera – just the one(s) you have, enjoy setting up, recording an event with and then processing the results.

I have enjoyed seeing all the posts here, with each one providing a different view on this exciting conjunction. I really appreciate all those different views, as I only had the one based on my particular ‘scope/camera, so would have missed the variety seen here.

Providence was kind to me for this event; Marc e-mailed me to alert me, I had a couple of hours to plan and set up, the skies were clear, the Moon just cleared the tree line for the ingress phase, I had no equipment failures, etc.

It is also good to hear of the difficulties and setbacks from the community, as these are not easy events to record; to read of others experience all adds to the knowledge base for the next event.

We are not on social media, so I haven’t seen any Facebook results, etc. We enjoy the quiet life.


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