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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Here's a quick cut of the interesting bits for the ingress over my roof. I thought I'd miss it but it cleared the gutter earlier than expected. It starts a little jittery but settles down when the occultation starts. Captured SER 16bit at around 9fps, playback is 25fps 1080.

Excellent work Marc, what magic dust did you sprinkle on your Tak mirror to manage the huge dynamic range difference.

Your Saturn looked a bit steadier than the live views on my screen in Brisbane; up here is was wobbling like a jelly (my wife's comment ).

Such an exciting event and your excellent animation brings it to life - well done, a lot of work in preparation and processing.

It was interesting to see what appears to be a slightly more slanted angle of ingress from your location - I wonder if this is the result of our different imaging locations, sort of a parallax effect.


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