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Thanks for the info guys.

Andrew, I propose to use the 2" Astronomik with my narrow-field extender 1.6x setup. This does not fill the full frame chip of the 6D. Major vignetting but great for the 'small stuff' up there. I'll be interested to see the star colour effect that you describe. How did you go with post processing those stars, or was result direct from the camera that looked strange?

Thanks Peter, I'll give the Astronomik a go and keep Borg in mind. Is your IDAS a 2" thread in variety? Are you using that with your narrow filed barlow setup as well? I've seen your results with the 2x barlow on that galaxy. Impressive. Borg do make good stuff (I'm also considering their version of the OAG, though Phil suggests I go with the tried and tested MMOAG - as he has done).

I'll post back here in the next few weeks once I've had a play with the Astronomik 2".
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