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Originally Posted by Ricardo View Post
Hi All,

I'm a very keen begineer, luckly for me my wife purchased a Bintel BT252-B telescope yesterday for my birthday which is coming up very soon. I also ordered today a Argo Navis and mount kit so come early June I'll be jumping into something I've always wanted to do.
Welcome Ric,
You have got a nice scope there and should give you plenty of joy.
The Argo is a great addition.
Look forward to meeting you in the future, meantime, feel free to ask any questions as you come across them.

My advice is always to try to find a group locally that has dark sky observing nights.
You are welcome to attend Mangrove mountain observing nights if you cant find any closer.
We have a number of guys who travel from Sydney.
Look in the Star Parties Forum (aka: Pony Club for Mangrove Mountain).

Clear Skies
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