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Hi Elyse,

There are various weather sites around. There is the BOM http:// or 7timer, just click on your location to place a pin, hover over the pin then select astro. I also use an app, Astro Panel, on my phone. Any plenty more. Its not looking good for this weekend.
Where abouts in Kinglake do you go? Nice darks skys up here.


Originally Posted by Elyse_kuz View Post
thanks for that!! very helpful, I was told the orion nebula was the middle star of the sheath. But thats really handy!! I can get a star in focus, so I think its correlated or whatever the word is haha. Just when I tried looking for the nebula out camping on a cloudless sky it still looked like a star with a 25mm eye piece. The moon was full crescent so maybe that had something to do with it? I assumed I'd still be able to see it though.

Also, was going to ask where's a good place to look up weather? I want to go down to kinglake next weekend, any idea if it will be ok weather wise?

Also stellarium is awesome
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