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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Those portable Air Con units are very loud. I bought one to cool a guest room and the guests had to turn it off. They sell them everywhere, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman, etc etc.including Bunnings, but they are useless because of the noise and need to exhaust warm air through a window opening.

Furthermore, these devices take indoor air from the room to push through their heat exchanger on the high pressure side. This creates a constant partial vacuum within the room. Ultimately, the Aircon must cool warm, outside air, which is drawn in through gaps in the room. This smashes any chance of efficiency (reflected by the 1-3 stars you see on their sticker). As mentioned, the noise is atrocious. I bought one out of laziness. It was so bad I gave it to my Parents. They gave it away a week later, and nothing of value was lost.
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