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Thanks to everyone for feedback and suggestions.

Here are a couple of pics of the upgraded setup.

Visual Back upgrades:
- Mak to SCT Adapter (New from Agena in US)
- GSO 10:1 Dual Speed SCT Focuser (New from Andrews)
- 2" WO DuraBright Diagonal (Used/Like New from IIS Member)

New Eyepieces:
GSO 2" 30mm SuperView (new from Andrews)
TV 1.25" 12mm Radian (used from IIS Member)

So far really happy with the setup (so nice to be able to focus easily now). No planets or moon in view for me ATM, so the 30mm has been pretty much the sole eyepiece in the finder.

I also have a Meade 8-24 Zoom, and this spends most of its time between 20mm to 24mm, down to about 15mm. Any lower than 12mm and just cant get a good focus.

Did a star test last night (as wanted to wait for the new diagonal), and it does need an adjustment, not looking forward to that (might be a new post just to get advice on collimating this thing).

I still have my eye out for a TV Panoptic (24mm or 27mm), but for now I have enough to keep me busy.

Once again thanks for all the interest and feedback in this post.


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