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OAG vs Guidescope for GSO 10" RC

Hi there,

Quite a few astronomers on IIS are using the GSO RC 10" and I was wondering what path they have taken towards guiding. I'm hoping to figure out what the best option for guiding a 2000mm scope in a suburban area (I have a QHY9).

Reading other threads in IIS on a similar topic has confused me a bit since some people mention the differential flexure is a given and guide-scope guiding will not yield the results required. On a flip side however, I'm worried about the a guide cam in OAG configuration picking up suitable stars for a narrowfield scope.

So far I've managed to narrow down the following options:

1. TSRCFlat2 (field flattener) with TSOAG27 (OAG) and correct adaptors from Teleskop and hope it works for QHY5. Click Here
2. Get a SV80ST APO with feather touch focuser and hope the whole thing balances on a G11 and has limited differential flexure.

Obviously the second option is much more expensive but atleast I get a widefield grab and go scope out of it.

Happy for you to add your comments/views. And if possible your current setup so I can copy and paste!

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