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Originally Posted by TheAstroChannel View Post
G'day to all, i recently bought the Orion Starshoot IV and I'm having some trouble. I took it out last night for a spin, centered Saturn in the eyepiece (20mm) Then swapped out the eyepiece for the Camera, but when i looked at the live capture, i could see nothing. I would like a solution to this!! :/

Thanks to anyone that can help
I had the same problem but with the NexImage 5. Saturn was centered with the 25mm eyepiece and just off centre with a 9mm. I put a 2x Barlow with the camera and I could not find it at all on the computer. I cheated a bit by moving my OTA around a bit (because of the type of scope it doesn't stay 100% solid) and found it.

What I would try and do next time is when aligning your telescope use your low power eyepiece (25-20mm) as usual but before finishing take that eyepiece out, put the camera (with the Barlow or whatever you are using) in and then centre Saturn.
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