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Hi Sean, Nothing wrong with posting it here, seems more than reasonable question, no matter what skill level.

What scope are you using the camera in? I am not familiar with the starshoot, but I know with my 900NC I had to actually rack the focus in a little more to get focus, not out... I could tell you what I did next but I don't think we know enough yet to warrant getting out the hacksaw

Also as mentioned before maybe try a brighter object as the moon or a distant tree or powerline (during the day), it could have been that Saturn wasn't quite in the centre of the FOV and you missed it. My 900NC camera is almost comparable to a 6mm EP. Thats a bit of a difference from a 20mm EP. So it may be you missed Saturn in the FOV. The Starshoot maybe slightly different, but I am just trying to throw different ideas in your direction for you to try, I hope that is okay.

Good luck with your quest. I hope you get it working.
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