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Interesting read, all; as I've yet to try my new MKIII yet ? used to borrow an older one (not sure if a I or II, Prob a I) with the 8" F/4, which still left very minor coma at the extreme edge of frame !

I just now also removed the Stopper and 'T' rings, as a matter of curiosity, but then the other thread left on the MPCC MKIII does not match the Dlsr T adapter thread, this also are interchangable as there are three grub screws which hold it in place, therefore, can remove it and change to another with matching thread size ? (I assume) why else would they come out, one thought was, that its holding the lens in place, not much else there holding the lens ?

BTW, Not sure if you guys are using Dslr's or ccd's, the latter may also have interchangable thread options ?

Anyway, I also attempted to mount the MPCC with out the thread in the Dslr T, and secure it with the three grub screws, but they only bite on the very edge of the MPCC, there is a small lip there, but the grubs dont get behind it, Lol ,, besides, prob not good practice, clamping down on an alluminium lens assembly in three places, undue concentrated pressure might stress or worse still, crack the lens : )
Also, Taking the mpcc T-ring off, will alter the distance of the corrector lens to the chip, only a few to 5mm, in this case, not sure if this is critical tho ? ?
Just some thoughts ,,

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