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Perhaps it was more to do with the bracket that held the tube but I could never get it ot balance no matter how i put the counter weights.

If it ever did seem to balance then as soon as I would start to slew the scope or point it at something it would become off balance or the tube would start to slide.

Maybe it's just because it was a $500 Tasco reflector so was a cheap gem mount or something (maybe there was an actual flaw with it causing the slippage, just could never get it working so figured it was just me not being able to work a gem mount since i was young and had no idea what I was doing :s) either way the years trying to get it to work as eq over alt/az soiled my thoughts on gem mounts.

I'd rather a larger apature schmidt then a refractor.

Does dew become a problem quickly? I'd probably only be using it 30 - 60mins on any given night.
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