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Hi Gang,

I just joined this forum today and this post caught my eye.

I've been contact with maker's of the RH200 and hope to get a model to test soon. It is apparent by the product shipment delays that they are working hard to iron out all the bugs in this fast system. Several items about the OTA have been redesigned from the original implementation I saw last at last year's AIC conference here in California.

Based on what they have shown so far, the NGC7000 image is far from perfect and does not come close to the resolution and roundness of stars I've seen in my FSQ images of the same object. What is attrative about this scope is the light gathering and wide field in an extremely compact package. How it will cover a 16803 array remains to be seen. The RH200 image circle is not that large.

I really wanted to put one of the RH200's into the Coonabarabran remote observatory, but for now, the FSQ is still on the top of the heap when it comes to portability and high quality imaging. I would also say that following the FSQ, the AP 155 EDIF with the flat field reducer just could be the ultimate astrograph.


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