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If you are planning this make sure you have some form of dew prevention for the lens also. Dew can form on the lens very quickly if the lens was pointing straight up. You will need a fast lens also, the Deltas are not hugely bright meteors and can be easily missed, sometimes you can be lucky and get a bright one. If you are using the 18-55 you may want to bring the zoom in a little to 24mm, but doesn't hurt to try it at 18mm, use the zoom on the preview to check the stars... Use a reasonably high ISO also, I know the the 400D isn't that hot on high ISO but ISO 400 seems to be okay. I know people who use 1600 ISO quite a bit, but I don't like it for the noise, but it may be better with the colder nights. Not sure on the conditions up there but Dew is the main killer of capturing meteor showers for me down here..

You can always practice days before hand to find what settings work best for you also.. Is your EQ3 motorised? you can always use that for the DSLR, or use the EQ6 (overkill) so you don't get trailing during the 30s+ exposures.

Good luck, look forward to your results...
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