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Vertical streaking - what is causing please

I grabbed an hour of clear this morning and grabbed 8 or so 2 minute subs of NGC5128 with an EdgeHD1400 at F11 (yep - still waiting to get the reducer working) - captured with a Canon 1000D at 800 ISO. Lights and Darks only.
Stacked in DSS and basic curves and levels in PS3.
I attach a crop of the core of the galaxy and you'll see the strong vertical streaking all through the image. OK there is probably an issue with either guiding or camera alignment as well (see slightly eggy stars) but put that aside. Where did those streaks come from.
I noted later that although I set Raw+L in the camara, thise settings were over-ridden by the plan I used in APT so in the end the images were all just JPEGS not RAWs, but would that alone expl;ain the streaks?

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