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Its only a column of dust

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turns out my secondary was slightly miscollimated after all! So I wasnt getting top images as I found out last night. Then I re-adjusted the secondary and was impressed

This is from last night (20 Oct)

47 TUC, in that poor seeing, was great at 454x, infact more pleasing than at 227x. Stars were tiny pinpoints and the hazy core was nice and granular, overlayed with tiny points. It appeared slightly crisper than before my secondary adjustment. Geez, what awaits me in good seeing and moonless sky?

Tarantula Neb Nebulosity showed quite well in the moonlight, but was too low (~30║) therefore suffered from poor seeing.

NGC 362, showed resolution at 227x, was slightly better at 454x with the outer parts resolved although the poor seeing and moonlight made resolution of the inner half a fruitless affair, but there was still a granular form. Being small, it suffers much more from poor seeing than 47 Tuc. This will be a nice little cluster in good conditions.

I want to check out the Homunculus sometime this week, hopefully some good seeing will happen and being such an intense and microscopic in size, moonlight might not be too much of a problem. That thing is really bright and very orange. Me thinks it'll take extreme magnification quite well. God willing, one day I'll have a pair of TV radians and a powermate....
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