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I am going to build "my" solar pump hopefully soon.
I will explain it as initial tests showed promise with one I build down the river twenty years ago but was never around enough to do any decent tests..
But the idea get a 44gal drum..put it on its side with a hole at the that hole a shirt pipe into a t section...out of each a short pipe (6 inch) and a one valve let's water in..that end leads to supply and the other let's water out..that leads the water away.
The idea is the tank heats up and cools down and as it does so water is drawn in and water is forced out...will it work very short observation of the one down the river suggested that the heating and cooling cycled more than once a day (as you could expect) as it seemed to trickle constantly ..but I was running the office back then and only got to look at it during a couple of lunch hours so it was never really observed.
Why won't it work or do you think it should...not much water will past but it should run more or less non stop.
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