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The other bit to look at is the lift of course. We use a cheap Chinese open impeller pump to move water between two dams, one a long way from the house that fills quickly but is wide and shallow so the evaporation rate is bad, and a smaller but deeper one near the house (And pressure pumps) where the stock and domestic supply is taken from, which fills poorly. I really noticed that the performance of the transfer pump fell right off over the last two tanks of fuel as the lift increased to get at the water. Most years I end up carrying it out further and further into the shallow dam to keep it flowing but I couldn't be bothered with the mud to get a little better fuel consumption to water pumped ratio.

The joys of living with the legacy of a disagreement between the original owner of our place and the owner of the next place over, who subdivided it to create the place we live at now. There is another dam on our place which has a great storage capacity and used to be a shared water supply between both places, but the catchment is on the neighboring property. At the peak of the dispute ("You may communicate with me via my post office box") he was not adverse to cutting his own nose off by throwing a bank across the depression between our two places that the water flowed through, to cut the dam on our side of the fence off from getting any water. Neatly cutting himself off from accessing the storage too. In good years it fills but has been so dry so long that it has cracked and leaks, and in bad years it gets nothing (Like this year) or just enough to keep the ducks entertained for a bit.
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