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Originally Posted by muletopia View Post
When evaluating pump specifications remember that the maximum flow will be at the minimum head and the flow at the maximum head will be very small.
The only way to evaluate a pump is to look at the pump's pump curve.
Most pumps are most energy efficient near the middle of the range of flows and heads.

Many years of looking at pump curves.

Thanks again..I appreciate you sharing your hard won knowledge.
I can't lose..pumps for me are like need big ones, little ones and many spare ones... And this one I may use just to run a supply from the dam to the's still in the box and I don't even know what sizes etc...mmm maybe it was cheap because it had a strange size?...
Its job is not a hard one..a spare for the house ...And it is not very flash...I had to laugh to myself..a couple of days after our chat...the guy who is getting water from the dam where my fire pump sits...pumping away with such a large pinch in his outlet hose the flow would have been cut by half...I was going to point it out but he was sitting up on top of the tanker playing on his doubt would not like to be interrupted nor told of his mistake by some old fool from the city.

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