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Allan, whilst I did not have any issues with the fan wiring, I have had many issues with many components of the scope. Basics that OOUK should have known was present if they had decent QA systems in place. Just two examples were: The secondary offset was set at 14mm. The correct offset for a 110mm secondary and f4 focal ratio is 6.8mm This is based on the primary f ratio not the final ratio of the system with the corrector in place). The second example was that the all the tube rings had one bevel cleanly finished and the other looked like it had been taken to with a grinder (see image). How the hell does one miss that? Should I just simply put up with that crap? They are not angry or embarrassed. They just don't care about what their customers get. I have never once received an apology for any thing missing from the order or substandard parts.

Steve's review is fair in my opinion. He was the dealer for OOUK for quite some time but found that he was paying out constantly to meet warranty requirements of customers that had bought OOUK telescopes. I have spoken with him several times and everything that he experienced I have now experienced in terms of how OOUK address issues. Don't make excuses for these guys if you have not dealt with them. It's time they were brought to task over their BS.
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