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Fishing for a guide star

Recently I got back into trying to do long FL imaging and at times it becomes tricky to find a guide star. Given that I always use the same camera orientation and tend to image the same stuff again and again until I get the level of details I'm happy with I often guide on the same star. First I load a sub from a previous session in Nebulosity then put a marker on the brightest star and match that to live focus loop. From there on the odds that I find the exact same guide star in the small fov of the lodestar from the previous session are pretty good. I sort of remember where the guide star offset should be in the lodestar fov, calibrate then guide. That mostly works as I'm not in an obs and mobile so my polar alignment is as good as I care it to be and my goto is not that accurate. Interested in hearing how others deal with it, if they have an easier method?
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