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Don't shoot subs with Liveview turned on. While Liveview is essential for many people (who may not use BYEOS), it does reduce battery life (if a battery is used) and will build up heat in the camera. You can still use Liveview for focusing and framing if you must but just push the DSP button before you start your imaging run so that the screen is off and not producing heat or draining power during that time. Your interval meter or BYEOS will take care of the run timing and you can still turn Liveview back on (push the DSP button again) to check a sub if required. Another reason to turn Liveview off is the potential for light leaks generated by the screen.

The four major heat sources inside the camera will be the processor (or mulitple processors in some models), the battery, the Liveview screen, and the sensor. You can do something about the battery and the screen, and if you cold finger cool the sensor that is taken care of as well. Processor heat can be controlled somewhat by turning off functions that depend on it, like in camera dark generation, noise reduction processing, etc. BTW the EXIF temperature info is actually the processor temperature - that's where it is measured, there is no temperature sensor located on the CMOS sensor - unless you install one when you cool the camera.
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