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Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
Paul, I am very aware of that but there must be some happy medium somewhere. While the QSI looks, sounds and probably feels intoxicating to own my budget may not go that far. the other thing is getting the time to use it. I bought a qhy10 and had it for nearly 3 years - it was still new in the box when I sold it (yeah I am stupid)

now looking into it there are the Atik range of cameras as well - and I suppose there are pro's and cons for them as well. then there is FLI and Apogee....

I would really like to find something that I can directly compare the whole range I am looking at, spread sheet, and images of the same object through a variety of scopes and then have the service reliability and value for money rating. be like buying a fridge or washing machine

Look everything is budget driven. Sometimes it just won't stretch. My experience with the QSI and KAF8300 sensor has been great with wide field work. I am not sure how it would go with f2 but the size of the camera is probably going to mean more to you anyway. Its a tough journey to find the camera you really need.
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