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Originally Posted by Tandum View Post
Atik 11002. But I'm price driven. I lined up the qhy11 with theo, same sensor, better cooling, but bought this 2nd hand for $1K less. Atik's are northern cameras, single stage cooling which means -10C in summer, -20C if your lucky in winter and lots of different temp cal files.

Get a camera with real cooling so you can do -20 whatever all year round.

I've since read that qhy11 has firmware issues in the camera. Apparently it exposes for 300 seconds but actually only opens the electronic shutter, in the sensor, for half that time. Nothing like QHY quality control

'i just went to the atik site and got this - they say they have a 2 stage cooler - granted not as good as the morovian or QSI?

Sensor Type: CCD - Kodak KAI 11002
Sensor size: 37.25mm x 25.70mm
Horizontal Resolution: 4008 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 2672 pixels
Pixel Size: 9 M x 9 M
ADC: 16 bit
Readout Noise: 13 e- RMS typical value
Dark current: 0.03 electrons per sec at -20 degrees
Well depth: 60,000 electrons
Anti blooming: >1000x
Quantum Efficiency: 50%
Linearity: R squared test equal to 1
Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
Power: 12v DC
Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length: 1/1000 s
Guide Port: ST-4 compatible
Cooling: Two stage Peltier with ΔT=-38C, with optional water assist Full temperature regulation.
Weight: 990g
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