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Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
point taken Robin. though every way I look at it I don't think I can squeeze my way to a 11002 with my available funds. I would love to though
The Moravian 11002 is at a rather respectable price of $5799 at astroshop - with filter wheel.

My only concern with the 11002 chip is the reports of very poor HA sensitivity, and general lack of sensitivity compared to other chips on the market.

That being said - i can tell the difference, very easily, between a shot taken on an 8300 and a 11002. The 11002 chip has much better dynamic range which seems to give it more depth and looks much more pleasing (to me).

Im in the "saving" boat to replace my KAF8300 (which im not a huge fan of) and the 11002 is on my list, along with the KAI4033(?) and Sony chips.
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