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Tonight was cold, breezy and far from ideal seeing conditions, but I did get a sketch done. Seeing came and went, but went really pear-shaped by the end.

This is a rather large area of the Moon. The central features are the crater Eratosthenes and the Apennine Mountains. The large crater on the bottom right is Archimedes, and the smaller one below it closer to the terminator is Timocharis. The top half includes the craters Gambart B & C, Schroter, Mosting & Sommering.

This was another take on using pastels and charcoal pencils. I tried to add some drama to the sketch with the angled terminator. It was a dramatic view through the scope, and hopefully this 'tilted' sketch helps evoke some of that drama. Two hours' work.

Object: Lunar craters and mountian range
Scope: C5, f/10 SCT
Gear: GSO Superview 15mm + 2X barlow, 167X
Date: 9th July, 2011
Location: Sydney, Australia
Media: Soft pastel, white & black charcoal & white ink on A5 size black paper
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