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Crater Copernicus

Well, I got the position of the terminator all wrong, , meaning that the shadows across Copernicus not as prominent as I had hoped, .

I wasn't too enthused with this prospect, and viewing the crater through my scope showed it a little flat, and I had to use stacked polarising filters to tone down the glare. I contemplated sketching something else too, and stuffed around for an hour before deciding "what the heck, just do it".

So here it is. Two hours worth, and a pot full of tea to keep the cold at bay. I was so impressed to make out the patterns of the ejecta radiating out, in some cases, the surrounding lunar scape had 'shadows' behind it where the feature had blocked the ejecta.

Conditions were pretty good too. While the image quality did come and go at 222X, it was very stable though, more good than poor for once, .

Object: crater Copernicus
Scope: C8
Gear: 9mm TMB Planetary Type II, 222X, two polarising filters
Date: 14th May 2011
Location: Sydney
Conditions: fair
Media: White & black charcoal pencils, grey soft pastel & white ink on black paper, A5 size.
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