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sketching with an unguided scope?

is it feasible to try lunar sketching with an unguided scope?

i remember some time ago reading an article (or seeing a documentary, cant recall which) about one of the early popular astronomy sketchers (this was back when they they thought there were cities on mars) who mainly did planetary/moon work.

And his sketches were a type of stylised artform more than accurate representations, sort of art deco versions of what they could see back then.

very interesting visually.

i have the phillips moon observing book and the sketches in it remind me of the ones in that program, in that they look more like art (maybe its a feature of lunar sketching?). In the section on sketching that it has it recommends that one start sketching moon photography first and build up some skills, then move to the eyepiece.

So thinking about taking a dip at a doodle, looks like it could be fun (and a bit cheaper than a$$$trophotog&%#!hy? for us newbies)


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