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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Thanks Andy. I captured 16bit SER files at 9fps with Sharpcap. Then loaded them in PIPP to tweak levels/gamma and cropped where needed for Saturn and saved them again as 16bit SER. I then I exported them to 16bit TIFF sequences from AS!3. I then loaded them as footages in After Effect CS6, stabilised them with the warp stabilizer effect, tweaked levels, contrast and brightness and exported them as uncompressed AVIs. Then I loaded them in Premiere Pro CS6 as a 25fps sequence, cut them and exported the final to Vimeo HD 1080p 25 in H.264 format. You get a mp4 that's compatible for upload. ~40MB for 2min - 1920x1080@25fps from original 1280x960.
I see, thanks That may be beyond my video editing capabilities (especially as no Premiere), but good to know it is possible!
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