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A few observations from recording this event:
  • Using The Sky X Pro, I was tracking on Saturn so effectively, Saturn was stationary in the FOV and the lunar limb crept up from outside the FOV to eventually gobble up Saturn in the FOV.
  • It might be worth orienting your camera so that the moon enters the FOV parallel to one side of the frame my efforts had the lunar limb coming in at an oblique angle. This way, you get an AVI where you have the potential to crop out the moon section, leaving just Saturn in the Frame for then taking into AS3! for Align and Stack operations.
  • Using Autostakkert3!, for those AVIs where Saturn was very close to the lunar limb, even though I selected Saturn as COG, sometimes the AS3! Alignment process grabbed onto the much brighter moon and so Saturn did not Align and Stack very well, with several ghost images smeared across the frame.
  • When Using Autostakkert3! on Saturn still a few arcmins from the moon, I ended up with a nicely Aligned and Stacked Saturn with several stacked, ghost images of the lunar limb as it moved across the frame.
  • I could not Align and Stack on Saturn for the AVI that had Saturn actually being gobbled up by the moon, even though I started off with a full Saturn in Frames 01, 02, 03..100, etc. but with the end of the recording having a partial Saturn. Im not sure how you can Align and Stack on a shrinking Saturn?


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