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Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
It's in a class of Dennis S. Great stuff
Dennis is always a great help and he knows what he's doing.

Originally Posted by Aussie_Dave View Post
Great images and videos Marc, love it. We'll be getting the same next month in WA south, September the 8th. I've been wanting to capture this for some years, It's been very high on my To Do list.

Just a question though, did you adjust capture settings while recording the Egress video or did you stop, adjust and then start recording again?
Thanks Dave. There are two ways you can go about it. Widefield or narrow field. Widefield looks good and it's pretty easy to do. I did one here in 2014. All you need is a small refractor, a DSLR and a canon timer or other.

Long FL is a bit trickier to work with the brightness levels. I didn't get it quite right this time either. Next time should be easier. I figured that it's best to under expose Saturn rather than get it bright enough to see and burn the moon. I used sharpcap (v.3.2.6062.0). The ASI 120MM was set to full resolution (1280x960) unbinned. I've attached the camera settings for ingress and egress. I tweaked the exposure time to balance the moon and saturn brightness during the ingress but it was harder at the egress because the moon seemed a lot brighter and I nearly missed Saturn. I couldn't find it in the field although I had intitially kept the same settings when it disappeared.

You can tweak brightness while capturing in sharpcap. No need to stop and start. I did 500 frames segments because I wasn't polar aligned and had to correct the mount location often. What you see in the viewport is what you record in the SER file so it's wysiwyg. I used 16bit SER so I captured a better sample of the dynamic range. I wanted to get as much details as I could from dark to bright.

Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I really enjoyed the view

Maaaaate. Wonderful stuff.
Thanks Peter. Glad you enjoyed it.
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