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I believe I have merged my alter ego with me..if that makes sense in so far as I am in the real world the crazy mug you find here. I think of myself firstly as kind and secondly a fortunate...I believe above all I am honest with others and particularly myself...I don't look up to anyone or down on anybody and although humble am very confident in myself perhaps to the point that others think that I am up myself but I don't believe that is the case and believe any negativity they may have us their problem not mine.
I do try to be positive,and I have always been that way, and recognise that for some reason you can lie to yourself to change your outlook. When in selling and managing a small sales team we had a game where every thing one said had to be put in the most positive way dead end streets just cultural development sacs...and it does work..seeing things in a bad light is as unrealistic as seeing things as some may think in a good way...things just are..they become how we qualify them..same with people..a friend told me never take things when you are dealing with someone who is abusive for example there is no need to get upset as you are just the unfortunate person in front of them at the time but the fact is they would be abusive to whoever is in front of them...and always hold a view that you could be wring and listen to what the other person is trying to point out...I just woke up this all night astronomy has to be paid for.
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